Character Roles

Anime and Live Action ADR

72SecTV-The Ordinary Life of Ms. ‘O’!: Gu Sil Oh

FUNimation- Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear: Milaine

FUNimation- Hatena Illustion: Ryusei

FUNimation- Fire Force: Five-Two (Young)

FUNimation- Azur Lane: Aulick, Jintsuu

FUNimation- The Quintessential Quintuplets: Sanada (Young)

Additional Voices Contributions


Hi-Rez Studios, Evil Mojo Games- Paladins: Novice/Student of Magic Vivian

Pathea Games- My Time at Portia: Nora

Stormseeker Games- Infinite Adventures: Lady Tonya, PC Voice Options

Id Software-Doom Eternal QuakeCon Showcase: Scientist

SystemLogoff Games- Title Screen Logo Sting

SystemLogoff Games- Sequel Studios: Mom

SystemLogoff Games- Paperless Office: Presenter

SystemLogoff Games- A Bridge of the Chocolate Factory: Child

SystemLogoff-Magical Item Workshop: Female Voice

Havoc Studios-Havoc Fox: V, Techno

Narrative Games

Elephant Games- Paranormal Files: The Tall Man: Jessy, Tina

Ithaqua Labs-Stars and Snowdrops: Hatsu

The Sunspot Syndicate-My Only Sunshine: Sun

LegendEx Games- Imre’s Curse: Prologue: Aenaris

LegendEx Games- Christmas at Marisol Bay: Kyro’s Mom

Watercress Games- Ah!! My Roommate is a Succubus Hellbent on World Conquest: Stacey

Pixels and Pins Studio-Fruit Salad Theory: Gingerbread

Pixels and Pins Studio-Dishelfled: Self-Help Book


Jupey Krusho- Hey Hugo: Sleepy Susie

Andy Stein- Thatch and Dial: Chespin

Audio/Visual Plays, Narrative Experiences, and Audiobooks

Ithaqua Labs-Perceptions of the Dead 2: Undercover Undead-Policewoman

Team Dogpit- The Cherry Orchard: Varya, Trofimov (in additional content)

Forteller Games-Gloomhaven Companion App: Sun Demon, Cultist

Forteller Games-Above and Below Companion App: Glogo, Fishfolk, Birdfolk, Pale Woman

Enfield Arts-Take the Mass Pike, “Under the Underground”: Charlotte

Pendant Audio-Seminar, “A Time to Be Born & A Time to Die…-Imaginary”: Kaylee

Good Pointe Podcasts- The One Stars: Grocery Store Reviewer

Audiohm Media-Patron Saint of Suicides (Bonus mini-sodes): Beverly Cannon

Sena Bryer-Dreambound: Zho Ser Guard, Siren, Additional Voices

Voice of All- Battle for Zendikar Block: Jori-En

Voice of All-Rivals of Izalan: Breeches the Goblin

Voice of All-“Blood and Fire”: Asmadi’s Brood

Additional Clients Include:



JUUNOO Wall Systems

Staff Credits

Galen Games-Deliver Us from Evil: Voice Director, Dialogue Editor

Snowhaven Studios-My Sweet Confession: Voice and Casting Director, Text Editor

LegendEx Games-Battle Royal for Your Heart: Voice Director, Dialogue Editor

The Sunspot Syndicate-My Only Sunshine: Dialogue Editor, Directing and Casting Assistance

Pixels and Pins Studio-Fruit Salad Theory: Voice and Casting Director, Dialogue Editor

Pixels and Pins Studio-Amaranth: Voice and Casting Director, Dialogue Editor

Pixels and Pins Studio-Dishelfled: Casting Director, Dialogue Editor

Pixels and Pins Studio-Ollie and Molly: Casting Director, Dialogue Editor

Training and Education

Voice and Director Training

OkraTron 5000 | Starman Studios | ExtraTerrible Studios

2016, 2019, 2021

Workshops including lessons in anime ADR acting, writing, and direction.

Voice Over Coaching

Chuck Huber | J. Michael Tatum | Tyler Walker | Sonny Strait | Kyle Philips | Brittany Lauda | Matt Shipman | Ned Lott


Workshops, weekend intensives, and multi-month master classes in general acting and voice work for pre-lay, anime ADR, and games.